Cost of Living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog

cost of living in mexico

What did we do?

In today’s vlog we head to Mega to do some grocery shopping. But first, we had to eat! Do you know us?

Where did we eat?

We went to one of our favorite restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, Seasons PV. Seasons has a great hamburger, excellent breakfast food, and they tell me their Pad Thai is #really good, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Where is Seasons PV?

Ignacio L. Vallarta #130 (Rivera Molino) Local 4
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México

What is the cost of living in Mexico?

As for the price of groceries, I am going to do my best to rewatch the video and list below the price of everything we showed. All prices are in USD and are using the google provided exchange rate as of July, 12th 2017.

Bottle of wine – 1.96

1.2 Liter beer – 5.16

Pistachios – .89

Hamburger buns – .94

Barefoot wine – 8.31

Small yogurt – .21

Stick of butter – .84

Stick of margarine – .47

Gallon of milk – 3.03

1 liter milk – 1.18

12 eggs – 1.18

Cheddar cheese – 2.14

Doritos – 1.96

Family size potato chips – 3.37

1.5 liter Coke – 1.01

3 liter Coke – 1.68

Coffee – 4.86

Instant oatmeal – 2.08

Nature Valley Bars – 2.36

Corn Flakes – 2.08

Family sized Frosted Flakes – 4.15

1kg rice – 1.52

Mayo – 2.08

Chicken breast – 3.18

Whole chicken – 3.82

10 liter water – 1.63

1kg peaches – 4.21

1kg plums – 3.37

1kg apples – 3.93

1 kg mango – 1.11

1 quart ice cream – 11.45

1 pint ice cream – 5.45

Fancy brand shampoo – 2.75

Local brand shampoo – 1.57

There you have it!

Keep it Kinetic,


Hillary and Greg

cost of living in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

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