Community is Everything: 10 Thoughts from the Row to Guadalajara Event

row to Guadalajara
We did it!
We completed our Row to Guadalajara event! We rowed for 24 hours straight, reaching more than double our kilometer goal, and we raised over 2,000 US dollars!
Here are a few thoughts I have about the event and the process of creating it:
  • We, as a community and as individuals, are capable of more than we believe
  • Staying up for 24 hours straight was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be
  • Going through something uncomforable for 24 hours is nothing compared to dealing with a life threatening disease
  • Great things can be accomplished when communities come together
  • Community is everything
  • The timing will never be perfect and you will never have it all figured out; don’t let this prevent you from taking action
  • Receiving gifts gives you a short term high; giving back to those in need gives you long term joy
  • Do things that make YOU proud
  • Always stay humble
  • Be grateful for your experiences that you have lived through and for everything you have
  • Giving back and “being more”, doesn’t have to involve marathon style events. Though these are great for raising awareness towards a cause, it only takes small acts of kindness on a daily basis to help others
I could elaborate upon each point directly, and I may someday, but I think quick thoughts from our experience are more digestible and actionable.
As you can tell, we learned a lot from this experience. So much more than we can put into words.
I am not sure what we are going to do to top this, but as we grow our community we hope we can find even better ways to give back to others.
Thank YOU for being a part of our community and for helping make this life changing event a reality.
Greg and Hillary Kennon

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