• Food
  • Fajitas Pollo Y Res


    We decided to check out a small restaurant at a market yesterday. Hillary was really hungry and was craving some chicken (pollo) fajitas or tacos. We saw that they had “Fajitas Pollo y Res” on the menu- which translates to chicken and beef fajitas. Let’s not forget that Hillary is super picky about what meat […]

  • General
  • Ditching Dallas

    Seize the Day

    We are moving to Mexico! You read that right, the Kennons are moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! I guess we need to change the blog’s name to “¡Los Kennixicans!”. Later this month, we will set off for our adventure of a lifetime. As of now, it seems as though we have way more questions than we do answers, […]

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  • What Happens in Vegas…


    What Happens in Vegas… …STAYS in Vegas! I recently went on a trip with a few friends to Las Vegas for a bachelor party! Cliche, I know! Outside of fishing trips, I had never really gone on a trip without my family or Hillary. Although, I didn’t start to travel very frequently until after Hillary […]